Mark Tennent
Book designer

Who I am and what I do

I specialise in creating books as well as newsletters and magazines, posters and leaflets, advertisements and mailers. With my associates I provide the complete service, from concept and content creation, to delivery of final artwork and printed material.

My clients have included local organisations and businesses, book publishers and packagers, international companies, national charities, galleries and museums. I also work directly with authors and artists to bring their work to the fore.

In France I work with many English-speaking artists, photographers, authors and publishers. I am able to attend meetings in France if necessary, Normandy preferred within reach of Channel ports for ease of travel from the UK.

Book design services

All I need is your text, preferably as a Microsoft Word file and any photographs or illustrations you have. From these I will design, layout and typeset your work ready for final production. For hand-written or typed text, I can get it converted to word processing for you.

Nowadays publications can be made into electronic formats such as e-books as well as printed matter. I can give you advice on the different types of printing available, or arrange the printing for you. E-books might be another direction, I can show you both routes and even put you in touch with publishers I know who may handle your project.

Depending on the project I may include the design of marketing material as a free part of our service because if your book is successful I hope you will ask me to do your next book.

How much it will cost

The best thing to do is to email me using the form on my Contact page. Then we can talk over your work, I can get the information I need and point out anything I cannot do on your behalf. For example: buying an ISBN so you can barcode the book and get a listing on the database used by bookshops. You also need this to publish on Amazon and other on-line sales sites.

Time scales

Design and layout involves huge attention to detail and can take as little as a day or so, to many weeks, depending on the type of work and number of pages. Generally, the more photographs and illustrations, the longer it takes, especially if I have to scan and optimise them or research and obtain them for you. Producing bound books can add another three or four weeks. The design process for e-books is almost the same as printed books and I can supply in formats for Amazon and other on-line book sites.


I ask that you arrange for proof-reading before I receive the text, so that you can check that the proof-reader has understood your text. As the author, only you will know whether it is correct. This means you are responsible for any mistakes in the text. I will give you copies to read and correct any errors which might have crept in during your project’s production. Please note I may charge for any extensive correcting of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors you have let slip through.


I may ask for a deposit before I commence your work, depending on the size of the project and our record of working together. I may also ask for full payment in advance for printing and binding and services or materials bought in on your behalf. Payment can be by cheque, BACS (preferred) or PayPal.